We are now fully open for routine appointments and back to normal working hours.

Gosport Chiropractic Clinic, the only one in Gosport, is situated in Stoke Road along from Waitrose.

A dedicated clinic, designed and equipped for Chiropractic treatments. Reception staff are always available during opening hours to give further information and to book appointments.

We are a friendly clinic seeing a wide variety of patients, from new-born babies to the elderly. The types and styles of treatments are always adapted and appropriate for each individual patient.

Chiropractors are perhaps most well known for treating spinal problems such as 'bad backs', 'sciatica' and stiff necks but we also see patients with headaches as well as problems with other joints such as hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. We are able to treat any of your joints and muscles. We may even be able to help with ‘positional vertigo’, a type of dizziness that comes on with certain head movements. Some patients come for just a few sessions to help with a recent injury whilst others attend regularly to help them manage a long term problem.

You will receive a full assessment, clear and easy to understand explanations using models and diagrams. We can make onward referral for further investigations/treatments etc if necessary.

A tailored Chiropractic care plan is discussed with each individual patient. This can depend on the type of condition, severity, how long the person has had it, any aggravating factors, old injuries, age, general health etc. Treatment may include manipulation, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, Western style medical acupuncture and advice on exercise, lifestyle and general health.